Backyard Pest Controls® automatic Mosquito Misting System is the most convenient way to protect your family from mosquitoes, flies, no-see-ums, spiders, ticks, roaches, fleas and other disease-carrying insects. This revolutionary system combines Pyrethrum with a patented process that automatically distributes a fine mist around the perimeter of your home at set intervals throughout the day.


"I would like to “Thank You” for a good service this past summer. We were able to enjoy our yard all summer due to the treatment of mosquitoes. In past years, it was almost intolerable..

Randy Green-Kathleen, GA

Absolutely love Backyard Pest Control. I have been using them for 2 years now and would not stop using them. Since I started using them I am able to sit outside and enjoy my pool and spend time with my family without getting bit by mosquitoes or other flying insects and it is not expensive at all and the staff is very friendly. I would definetly recommend and do recommend Backyard Pest Control to anyone. Call them today you will not be disappointed I promise

Dorene Lance-Macon, GA

I would without question recommend Backyard Pest Control to anyone for any pest control problem and I know that whomever I recommend will be as satisfied and impressed with them as I am. I appreciated Jason for completing the job thoroughly and efficiently. Thank you for your professionalism and attention to my problem.

Dr. Eric Hall-Macon, GA

"Backyard Pest Control really helped my family enjoy our yard again. No more horrible smelling sprays to put on my child so he can play outside"


Whitney Rhodes-Bolingbroke, GA

I've used Backyard Pest Control for two seasons now and have had little to no mosquitoes to speak of during the spring and summer seasons. Additionally, I've got two large dogs and have asked Jason to spray for fleas and that issue has been kept to a minimum. I fully intend on having Backyard Pest Control back this year and highly recommend their services to all my friends and neighbors and to those that are looking for such a service. Congratulations Jason on a job well done. See you in the spring.

Scott Phillips- Macon, GA

We were amazed to find we could enjoy our new outdoor living space with no biting mosquitos for the entire summer and fall at a reasonable cost! We look forward to another year outdoors with no bites! Thanks Jason!

Russell and Cyndee Adams-Macon, GA

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